Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Educational uses for blogging

Well, I have to admit initially being stumped by this assignment. I think I wasn't thinking creatively enough. I found a really interesting, informative website that is designed for educators to integrate technology into higher ed classrooms. The information was great because it gave the advantages and caveats to certain types of technology in various situations. For example, it discusses when to use a blog and when to use a wiki, which was helpful to me. I'm still waiting for my textbook for this class, although I ordered it the same day the syllabus went on line. I've always had good luck with Amazon, but am feeling like they really disappointed me this time around (just like your experience last semester, Sandy). Anyway, here is the link:


And here are my three ideas for using a blog in my classroom (the information from above helped me to think out of the box, a bit)

1. For student teachers, or novice teachers, I will ask them to keep a journal of daily experiences in the classroom, for self reflection, What really worked today, or what would I do differently next time around, that kind of stuff. Ultimately, it will be a nice documentation and history of a valuable learning experience;

2. I will ask my teacher candidates to set up a blog, discussing their individual area of interest in education (literacy, transition, ESL, deaf education, etc.) and network with colleagues and fellow professionals to have support, comraderie and a means of communicating with other professionals with similar interests; and

3. There is so much information to share that at times, it can seem overwhelming. I've put many links to articles of interest on my blog and I will ask my graduate students to do the same. I will ask them to add an article or two, or link to an article, on a weekly basis. Each student would then have to visit two blogs each week, to "sample" the articles and write a brief critique of the information found via the link (helpful, redundant, something I already knew, surprising, etc). I would then have a discussion board forum for students to discuss areas of interest and links which were helpful to them.


  1. Kathy,
    I really like #2 and #3. Regarding #1 I think it is important to consider whether you want the entries visible to the whole blogoshere. You might want to consider using a more closed environment by using some of the suggestions in this wiki:
    What you don't want is for the student teachers to be blogging about specific situations, teachers or students, without their realizing that these same people might read what they wrote! However, there are some ideas on the above website that may be useful for a student teacher situation.
    Dr. Burgos

  2. Ooops, good catch! This world of blogging is so new to me, but it's ironic because I'm the queen of confidentiality (and person-first language)particularly in special education. Thanks for the reminder; I've alredy checked out the link and it does provide some good tips for restricting access. Kathy

  3. Hi Kathy,
    I agree with Dr. Burgos with your #2 idea. In Higher Education, networking is a big deal with all the different conferences and all...your idea is great for those professionals who cannot make it to a conference or rather just a good way to stay connected in the field!