Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Right brain vs. left brain thinkers (and speakers)

I just read a very interesting article discussing how to have new ideas heard at the workplace. The article quotes a diversity specialist named Dr. Sonia Herasymowich, who discusses the differences between right/left brain thinkers. Right brain thinkers, who tend to be female, rely on intuition and may impulsively blurt out thoughts that appear to go unheard. Some of these thoughts may actually be very astute and provocative. However, a left brain thinker is a reasoner, and sets the stage to present an idea. When a left brain thinker presents an idea, according to Dr. Herasymowich, he/she has set the stage for acceptance of this idea and it may be heralded as a breakthrough concept, even if a right brain thinker has just said the same thing. The article goes on to give some helpful hints regarding brainstorming sessions and how to have your voice heard when presenting a new idea. It was an interesting article, particulary the neurological aspect of right/left brain thinkers and speakers.